Life Magazine
As a church we have sponsored the distribution of over 5,000 Life Magazines to every house in the LS16 7 postcode area covering Cookridge, Holt Park and part of Tinshill. This is part of a nationwide initiative.

Why have we done it?

Because we believe that Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ is as important now as it has ever been. It offers real hope in a broken world and through it the joy of being forgiven and knowing God personally in our lives with all the blessings which flow from that. People are looking for answers to the deep and important questions of life, particularly after a prolonged period of lockdown when so many of the things that we rely on have been removed and taken away. We would encourage you to explore those questions for yourself. Questions like - Does God exist? Who is Jesus? Is there life after death? What happens when I die? Can God make a difference to my life now? Does God answer prayer? Can I trust the Bible? How do I become a Christian? 

Where do I start? A good place to start is always to read part of the Bible we would recommend one of the 4 gospels Matthew , Mark, Luke or John. We would be delighted to give you a gospel free of charge or other Christian literature if you contact us. 

Can we also recommend the following website : Through a series of short videos you will be able to explore What is Christianity, look at some tough questions, and see and hear some real life stories. For those who want to look in more depth there is the 7 session Christianity Explored course which looks at Marks Gospel in the Bible finding out who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. If you are interested in doing the course then please do contact one of the elders here as we have run these courses before at the church at Tinshill. Please also contact us if you want to talk or have questions we would be pleased to help.